Cary History: The Franklin Farm

Cary, NC — In a recent interview with Ruffin Franklin, he told us about his family’s history and their farm, located on Jones Franklin Road which is named for their property.

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Celebrations of Black History in Cary

Cary, NC — Each year during the month of February, the Town of Cary celebrates the contributions of African American individuals to the local community and beyond.

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Cary History: Education in the Time of Segregation

Cary, NC — Before and during the Civil Rights era, black students in Cary were bused to segregated Berry O’Kelley High School in Raleigh.

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Cary History: Growing Up on Academy Street

Cary, NC — Charlotte Phelps was born in 1941. In 1947, her family moved from Angier to a house on Academy Street in Cary, and she started first grade right after they arrived. In 2009, she shared with us some of her childhood memories in Cary.

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Cary History: The Early Days of South Hills Mall

Cary, NC — CaryCitizen recently reported that South Hills Mall will be sold in 2022. In the early 1960s, Cary’s first shopping mall was built by David Martin at South Hills.

Over the years, it was expanded with a motel, and then the Life Experiences program was begun there, started by Carl Mills. Here are some of the details from those early days. Read more

From the Archive: The Ghost of High House

Cary, NC — The last story we’ll leave you with before Halloween this Sunday is this haunting tale of an old Cary home and its mysterious reputation.

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Cary History: A Case of Polio in the Time of WWII

Cary, NC — In 2006, Ruby Merritt was interviewed, and told us about her son, Wendell, who had polio during World War II. Here is her harrowing story, described in her very own words.

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150 Moment: Mayor Fred G. Bond

Cary, NC — In Cary’s 150-year history, the town has been home to many influential and interesting leaders, one of which we are honoring in this month’s 150 moment — Mayor Fred G. Bond.

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Cary History: The 1996 Centennial of Cary High

Cary, — Cary is celebrating its sesquicentennial 150th year this year. And 25 years ago, Cary High commemorated its centennial 100th year.

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Cary History: Remembering Cary’s “Main Man”

Cary, NC — For decades, Cary had only one man to run the whole town. From 1939 to 1960, Mr. Linville Midgette was the police chief, fire chief, town manager and go-to person for everything.

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