Cary History: Remembering Jeanette Reaves Evans

Cary, NC — Cary lost an icon on May 17, 2021, with the passing of Jeanette Reaves Evans. She will be sorely missed.

Here’s a glimpse into her life, in her won words, from an interview in April 2009.

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150 Years: Cary’s First Inhabitants, the Tuscarora

Cary, NC — This year is all about celebrating the history of Cary as an incorporated Town since 1871, but that covers just 150 years of the story of this area.

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Cary History: Remembering Cary’s Long-Time Train Station Master

Cary, NC — Loise Massey Crow was the daughter of Cary’s train station master, Mr. Massey. In this column, she tells the story of her father’s long career from a July 2009 interview when she was 99-years-old.

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Collect Your Deck of Historic Cary 150 Cards

Cary, NC — In a creative, community-driven effort to celebrate Cary’s 150th year, The Cary Players have sponsored custom and locally-made card sets.

These decks of 24 cards showcase tidbits of Cary history and are now free to the public in several pick-up locations.

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Cary History: Cary’s 1971 Centennial Celebrations

Cary, NC — April 3, 1971 was the Town of Cary’s Centennial date, but the whole town celebrated all year. Some folks told us what happened in Cary that year.

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150 Years: Tales of Cary’s Railroad Stop

Cary, NC — In celebration of Cary’s sesquicentennial, which is fancy talk for 150th birthday, CaryCitizen is creating monthly lookbacks through time to share some of the most important moments, places and people that have shaped this town.

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Cary History: Remembering the Teachings & Spirit of Ethel Adams

Cary, NC — In this month’s column, you’ll hear from Charlie Adams, a lifetime Cary resident, as he shares memories of his mother, Ethel.

She was a fair, thoughtful and nurturing woman who lived her life to educate everyone, even in a time of segregation.

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Take the Driving Tour of Black History in Cary

Cary, NC — For Cary’s 150th-year, the Town has put together a whole lineup of celebrations for 2021.

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Cary History: Surviving the Great Depression as a Child

Cary, NC — The Great Depression was a tough time for everyone, but some families were worse off than others.

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150 Years: How Cary Got its Name

Cary, NC — How did Cary become a town? Why was “Cary” the chosen name?

The answer requires a trip back in time to 1871.

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