Cary History: Remembering Ruth Cathey Fox

Cary, NC — The teachers in Cary, both now and in years past, are. given a special opportunity to influence and inspire young minds. Today, as the 2019-2020 school year has come to a close, we’re sharing the story of a beloved Cary teacher and principal, Ruth Cathey Fox, who got her start as an educator in 1933.

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Cary History: Finding Food Long Before COVID-19

Cary, NC — While we are all quarantined, it is good to remember what folks had to do to get food and cook it in the old days. Hard work, even if it did not cost anything.

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Remembering and Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cary, NC — The holiday which usually gives reason for Americans to enjoy tacos and margaritas is commonly misinterpreted as a Mexican Independence Day. Instead, it is the celebration of the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory in the May 5, 1862 Battle of Puebla against the French.

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Cary History: Former Cary Mayor Koka Booth

Cary, NC — Today we are diving into the CaryCitizen Archive to revisit a 2010 in-home interview with one of Cary’s most prominent leaders, Mayor Koka Booth.

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Cary History: Post Offices of Cary’s Past

Cary, NC — The Cary post offices on Wrenn Drive and Academy Street are the product of more than 150 years of history. It all began in a time before zip codes and house delivered mail.

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Cary History: Catherine Page

Cary, NC — Much has been written about Cary’s founder, Allison Francis “Frank” Page — deservedly so. But it seems that we know less about his wife, Catherine, or Kate. Read more

Cary History: Walter Hines Page

Cary, NC — Today, we’re diving back into the archives for the story of Walter Hines Page, eldest son of Frank and Kate Page, and perhaps the most famous person born in Cary. Read more

Cary History: Frank Page

Cary, NC — Today, we’re diving back into the archives for the story of Frank Page, the founder of Cary.

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Ongoing Historic Preservation Projects in Cary

Cary, NC — From purchasing historic Cary buildings to hiring its first Historic Preservation Planner, the Town of Cary has made big moves to establish preservation as a priority in its daily operations.

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Profile: Gillian White, Cary’s First Historic Preservationist

Cary, NC — In November 2019, the Town of Cary made a move it never had before in hiring a full-time staff member dedicated to historic preservation. Selected for the task was Gillian White who worked as a Planning Technician in Cary’s Planning and Development Services Department since January 2019.

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