NC Legislature Votes to Further Delay 2022 Primary Elections

Cary, NC — On Wednesday last week a vote of 69-50 was made in the NC House to advance House Bill 605 which calls for another postponement of North Carolina’s primary elections.

Cary’s Election Delayed Again, Set for May 2022

Cary, NC — Originally scheduled for October 2021, Cary’s Primary Election and Town of Cary Municipal Election were postponed to March 8, 2022, with the passing of Session Law 2021-56 in the State Legislature. Under this law, more than 30 municipalities across North Carolina had their 2021 elections delayed into the new year.

Just last week, on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, Cary’s election date was further delayed, this time by the NC Supreme Court to May 17, 2022.

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Gale Adcock Announces Run for North Carolina Senate

Cary, NC — In a public notice today, Representative Gale Adcock (D-NC41) of the NC House announced she will be running for the newly drawn NC Senate seat that represents western Wake County.

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Cary’s Municipal Election Postponed to March 2022

Cary, NC — The typical October/November election cycle will come and go with no municipal elections for 30 North Carolina municipalities this year, including Cary.

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Morrisville Voters Will Decide on $37 Million in Improvements this November

Morrisville, NC — Come this November 2, 2021, Morrisville residents will have the opportunity to vote on financing up to $37 million in town-wide improvements through bond referenda.

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Cary Town Council Narrowly Approves 300-Unit Rezoning

Cary, NC — For a council that frequently passes requests and projects in unanimous fashion, the Thursday, June 24, 2021 meeting of the Cary Town Council was fairly abnormal with 2 split votes of 4-3 and 5-2.

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Town Council Approves Rezoning 5-2, Discusses Redistricting

Cary, NC — Since the Town Council had not met in a public, televised meeting in a full month, there was much to discuss in the most recent one, held on Thursday, May 27.

Topics included the appointment of a new Town Attorney, the official adoption of Juneteeth as a Town Holiday and several proposed developments.

The vote of the night that was not unanimous was the vote which approved, 5-2, the Twin Lakes proposed which will allow apartments to be built on land initially zoned for retail and office space.

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Harold’s Blog: Election Week, Leaf Pick-Up and More

Cary, NC — Since this was election week my only meetings were with staff.

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Local Election Results for NC & Wake County Races

Cary, NC — While the states continue to turn blue and red in the race for the next President of the United States, the results have come in for local races including Wake County boards, the NC General Assembly and the race for Governor.

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Chamber Hosts Cary’s NC Senate Representatives

Cary, NC — The last of four Cary Chamber 2020 Candidate Forums was held yesterday morning and had, by far, the least amount of debate and disagreements.

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