Local Election Results for NC & Wake County Races

Cary, NC — While the states continue to turn blue and red in the race for the next President of the United States, the results have come in for local races including Wake County boards, the NC General Assembly and the race for Governor.

Note: These results are as of 6 AM on November 4, 2020 with 100% of Wake County and NC precincts reported. Until every last mail in ballot is counted, these results remain unofficial.

Wake County Races

Wake County Board of Commissioners

Majority of candidates for the Wake County Board of Commissioners participated in a Zoom forum held by the Cary Chamber of Commerce in late September 2020.

District 1

Sig Hutchinson (Democrat) — 61.8 percent

Greg Jones (Republican) — 38.1 percent

District 3

Maria Cervania (Democrat) — 60.6 percent

Steve Hale (Republican) — 39.4 percent

District 6

Shinica Thomas (Democrat) — 59.5 percent

Karen Weathers (Republican) — 40.5 percent

District 7

Vickie Adamson (Democrat) — 62.4 percent

Faruk Okcetin (Republican) — 37.6 percent

Democratic candidates Matt Calabria, Susan Evans and James West ran unopposed for re-election in districts 2, 4 and 5, respectively.

Wake County Board of Education

Top row from left are Perry Price and Howard Johnson of the Cary Chamber, Bill Fletcher of District 9 and moderator of the event, Rick Stephenson. Bottom row from left is Steve Bergstrom of District 8, Chris Heagarty of District 7 and Lindsay Mahaffey of District 8.

The seats representing western Wake County on the Wake County Public School System’s School Board are for districts 7, 8 and 9. These are some of the few candidates on the ballot that are listed as nonpartisan.

District 7

Chris Heagarty — 51.2 percent

Rachel Mills — 48.0 percent

District 8

Lindsay Mahaffey — 62.3 percent

Steve Bergstrom — 36.8 percent

District 9

Karen Carter — 54.4 percent

Bill Fletcher — 34.9 percent

Daniel Madding — 9.6 percent

State Races

Democrat and incumbent Governor Roy Cooper (left) faced off against his Republican opponent, Dan Forest, in the 2020 gubernatorial debate on October 14, 2020.

Note: The following results reflect statewide numbers.

NC Governor

Roy Cooper (Democrat) — 51.5 percent

Dan Forest (Republican) — 47.1 percent

Al Pisano (Constitution) — 1.1 percent

Steven DiFiore (Libertarian) — 0.4 percent

NC Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson (Republican) — 51.7 percent

Yvonne Lewis Holley (Democrat) — 48.3 percent

US House & Senate Races

US Senate

Thom Tillis (Republican) — 48.7 percent

Cal Cunningham (Democrat) — 46.9 percent

Shannon Bray (Libertarian) — 3.1 percent

Kevin Hayes (Constitution) — 1.2 percent

US House (District 2)

Deborah Ross (Democrat) — 63.0 percent

Alan Swain (Republican) — 34.8 percent

Jeff Matemu (Libertarian) — 2.2 percent

US House (District 4)

David E. Price (Democrat) — 67.3 percent

Robert Thomas (Republican) — 32.7 percent

North Carolina General Assembly

NC House of Representatives

A handful of NC House candidates took part in a virtual forum with The Cary Chamber on October 28, 2020.

Voters throughout Wake County voted by district for NC House cadidates. Of the 11 districts that make up Wake County, the following are the districts the cover Cary.

District 11

Allison Dahle (Democrat) — 68.5 percent

Clark Pope (Republican) — 26.0 percent

Adrian Lee Travers (Libertarian) — 5.5 percent

District 36

Julie von Haefen (Democrat) — 53.3 percent

Kim Coley (Republican) — 43.1 percent

Bruce Basson (Libertarian) — 3.7 percent

District 41

Gale Adcock (Democrat) — 62.1 percent

Scott Populorum (Republican) — 34.8 percent

Guy Meilleur (Libertarian) — 3.1 percent

District 49

Cynthia Ball (Democrat) — 65.1 percent

David Robertson (Republican) — 30.2 percent

Dee Watson (Libertarian) — 4.7 percent

NC Senate

District 15

Jay J. Chaudhuri (Democrat) — 58.1 percent

Mario J. Lomuscio (Republican) — 36.8 percent

Kat McDonald (Libertarian) — 5.2 percent

District 16

Wiley Nickel (Democrat) — 65.7 percent

Will Marsh (Republican) — 34.3 percent

District 17

Sam Searcy (Democrat) — 51.5 percent

Mark Cavaliero (Republic) — 44.8 percent

Travis Groo (Libertarian) — 3.8 percent

Other Races & Results

The line on the first day of early voting at Cary’s Herb Young Community Center.

For a full look at other races for Attorney General, judges, justices, soil & water, agriculture and more, visit the Wake County Board of Elections results dashboard and the NC State Board of Elections results dashboard.

Story by staff reports.

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