Taylor Family YMCA to Install Custom Pool Dome

Cary, NC — The Taylor Family YMCA off of SW Cary Parkway hosts more than 20,000 children, families and adults in their swimming pools each year.

Since the 1990s at the Taylor Y, the organization has invested in installing a large, insulated “bubble” around and above its outdoor pool to allow members to swim during the fall and winter.

Back in March 2020, Aquatics Director Eric Bjorkquist said the bubble had served the facility well, but it was coming time to find something that is more sustainable.

In the fall of 2020, the owners of the Taylor Y decided to move forward with the construction of a Dynadome.

What’s a DynaDome?

Other than a cool-sounding word, a DynaDome is a state-of-the-art retractable enclosure that is custom-designed to fit the site. During good weather, the entire structure will be retracted and it’s simple and much quicker than the bubble to close up again.

“The Dynadome will allow us more time in the pool throughout the year versus our previous structure. Also we will have the best aspects of both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool,” said Bjorkquist.

Expected Opening this Spring

The parking lot in front of the pool house has been prepped for the delivery of the DynaDome.

Construction began in September of 2021. Right now the Taylor Y staff are waiting for the delivery of the actual structure. All of the preparations have been made and the installation of the building itself is ready to begin.

“Based on the current construction timeline, we’re expecting to be completed with the project in late spring. As soon as the project is complete, we’ll resume normal operations of the pool,” said Bjorkquist.

Story and prep work photo by Ashley Kairis. DynaDome renderings courtesy of the Taylor Family YMCA.

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