Announcing CaryCitizen’s Spooktober Winners

Cary, NC — We had a great time seeing the creativity and effort the community put into their costumes and yards for our Instagram photo contest using #CCSpooktober.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, here’s a look at our winners and a few honorable mentions.

#1 Yard in Cary: Pirates of the Cary-Bein’

The most popular category we got entries for by far was the yard decorations. We saw skillful pumpkin carvings, spiderwebs, skeletons, inflatables and even lasers and creepy projections. All in all, we were impressed! The one that came out as a favorite with our judges was the yard, known on its own Instagram account as “Pirates of the Cary-Bein’.”

See more photos of this all-out spookfest, entered by Nick Thomas.

Winning Kids Costume: Eric & Jack White

All aboard the DIY train! Brothers Eric and Jack, with the help of their mother, Courtney White, stole the show in our kids costume category with their creativity.

This adorable entry was submitted by Courtney White.

Winning Adult Costume:

This “sweeter than honey” family posed for a photo op at the Matthews House trick-or-treat event. The group from left is Ashley, Natalie, Jordan and Margie Robbins.

Again, lots of great entries, but these parents took first prize in the adult costume category with this concept of a bee keeper and his family of bees — and don’t miss the crown on the queen of the hive!

Thanks for the entry, Ashley Robbins.

Honorable Mentions

The competition was pretty stiff this year and we so appreciate all who took the time to enter and connect with us. For a look at all the entries, see the #CCSpooktober tag on Instagram.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites that were entered. Some, unfortunately, did not qualify as they were not posted during the contest entry period (Oct. 1- Oct. 31).

These kiddos dressed up as the white rabbit and mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Also entering the contest was their brother, the 9 of spades and father, the blue caterpillar! Thanks for the entry, Danielle Segretto.

It’s photos like these that mihgt make us have a pet costume category next year. Thanks for this adorable entry, Marla Kasper.

We got many wonderful entries from Isha, otherwise known on Instagram as “the very exhausted mommy.” Thanks for the spooks and showing us your awesome decorations, Isha.

These skeletons, named Jerry and Larry, were the masked watchmen over the trick or treat goodies at Kat Noland’s house.


This was the only entry we received from an awesome cat fostering page based in Cary. These decorations are flat out fantastic. Thanks for the entry, Phelps Family Foster!

This last honorable mention comes from Christy Tuescher. What a scary yet fun-filled sight to see!

See all the entries on the #CCSpooktober Instagram tag. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Story by staff reports.

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