Morrisville Voters Will Decide on $37 Million in Improvements this November

Morrisville, NC — Come this November 2, 2021, Morrisville residents will have the opportunity to vote on financing up to $37 million in town-wide improvements through bond referenda.

On August 10, 2021, the Morrisville Town Council took action to officially endorse and set the bond referendum categories for the ballot. A bond referendum, in short, is a voting process that gives voters the power to decide if a municipality should be authorized to raise funds through the sale of bonds for specific purposes.

Voters will have the power to decide if Morrisville should have this authorization. The proposed improvements, if voted for, would mean an anticipated 3-cent municipal tax increase for every $100 in property value.

The Proposed Improvements

Morrisville residents will make their choice on 3 ballot questions which will decide whether or not the Town may finance several major capital improvements through the sale of general obligation bonds.

A statement on the Morrisville 2021 Bond Referendum website says, “Wisely committing your tax dollars in this way will ensure the Morrisville community continues to live connected and live well.”

The intended community improvements fall into three different areas, as decided by the council from citizen input. As is shown above, the largest portion of the $37 million would be for parks, recreation and amenities improvements.

Just over 30% of the funds would be allocated to streets, sidewalks and improvements to connectivity. Lastly, the remaining portion of $8 million would go toward public safety upgrades.

More on the 2021 Morrisville Bonds

For more information on the details of this bond referendum and frequently asked questions such as what would happen if voters decide to not approve the bonds, see the Fast Facts, FAQ Page and the MSV 2021 Bond website.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos courtesy of the Town of Morrisville.

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