RDU adding 5 Non-Stop Flights this Fall

Cary, NC — By the end of 2020, RDU will have 5 new non-stop destinations added to the boards from JetBlue.

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Bond Brothers Celebrates Diversity with New Brew

Cary, NC — If a diverse group of people coming together to make a batch of beer makes it taste good, then Bond Brothers’ new American Wheat Ale is bound to be delicious.

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Canned Brews from Cotton House

Cary, NC — Since their opening a year and a half ago, Cotton House Craft Brewers has offered its brews exclusively from the taproom on Academy Street. That is, until now.

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CaryCitizen Reaches Fundraising Goal

Cary, NC – We are humbled and thrilled to announce that CaryCitizen has reached it’s fundraising goal of $50,000. We will be able to continue operations and publishing through the end of this year, and hopefully beyond, without interruption. Read more

Chamber Promotes Diversity, Education and Economics

Cary, NC — The Town of Cary is at a pivotal point in its history this year. Operations went virtual overnight in March 2020, revenue losses were felt in the millions and social outcries were echoed through the streets in a fight against racism.

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#SaveCaryCitizen: One Week In

Cary, NC — Last week, CaryCitizen launched an online fundraising campaign to help ensure a bright future for community news in Cary.

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Capri Flavors, Cary’s Italian Market

Story originally published on FoodCary.

Cary, NC — I was speaking with a friend who’s lived in Cary for many years and we landed on one of my favorite topics, Italian food. It’s my go-to cuisine for a romantic dinner on the town or for homemade recipes with flavors that are deeply rooted in tradition.

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GoFundMe Video: Save CaryCitizen

Cary, NC – On Monday, July 27, 2020, CaryCitizen launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the publication through the pandemic crisis. Today, we’re sharing a video featuring longtime reader and contributor David Lindquist on why he supports CaryCitizen and community news. Read more

CEO Says RDU is Seeing “Sloppy, Sluggish Recovery”

Cary, NC — On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the Cary Chamber hosted Michael Landguth, President & CEO of Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority in their monthly Eye-Opener series.

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Fenton: Six-Story Apartment Plans

Cary, NC — Last week, developers of the 69-acre mixed-use development known as “Fenton” released plans and renderings for what the multifamily apartment area will look like once constructed.

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