Canned Brews from Cotton House

Cary, NC — Since their opening a year and a half ago, Cotton House Craft Brewers has offered its brews exclusively from the taproom on Academy Street. That is, until now.

A Best Seller & A Unique Sour

For the first time ever, two Cotton House beers, “Hazy Dayz” and “Nothing Is Real,” can be taken home by the can.

The yellow/orange can is the 6.5% ABV Hazy Daze IPA and the red can is the 5.2% ABV Nothing is Real Strawberry Sour.

The owner of Cotton House, Brent Webb, said the decision to go with these two was simple. Hazy Dayz, a New England IPA, is their bestseller and Nothing Is Real, a Berliner Weisse Strawberry Sour, was chosen “because it’s something we really haven’t done before, and it’s delicious,” said Webb.

The canning operation started up in late August and Webb says that more are sure to be canned going forward. As for where the brewing and canning is taking place, Webb says Cotton House is contracting their operations for now. However, the business is currently in the works of completing agreements for a new production facility.

Adapting in Uncertain Times

When COVID-19 hit, Webb said it changed everything. With the changing phases and challenges faced by the small business, Webb said it all became about a common goal — “keep moving forward.”

“We have a great team of folks who keep it positive, and that’s made all the difference,” said Webb.

Bring Home the Beer

Hazy Daze and Nothing is Real can be bought in 4-packs of 16 oz. cans or in 32 oz. Crowler fills in the taproom or in advance on the Cotton House website. Simply pick which local craft beer you want to take home and it will be ready for you at the bar.

“We are feeling the love! Thank you, Cary, for your overwhelming support and compliance with each phase of COVID-19,” said Webb.

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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