Owners Reflect on 13 Years of CaryCitizen

Cary, NC — Since 2009, CaryCitizen has been for and all about Cary, but who made it that way?

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Cary’s First-Ever Cider Bar Opens this Weekend

Cary, NC — In the last few days, the Bull City Ciderworks location in Downtown Cary has really taken shape as a modern cider bar with a warm, historic feel.

It’s all coming together just in time for this weekend’s soft opening.

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Retiring CaryCitizen

Cary, NC — Effective February 23, 2022, Goodtree and Company Inc., the parent company of CaryCitizen, will retire the CaryCitizen news website. “It was a difficult decision, but one we had been contemplating for a while,” said CaryCitizen publisher Hal Goodtree.

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Business Bits: Epic Games, Toyota, Breweries & More

Cary, NC — It appears new jobs are on the horizon as several companies plan to establish roots in Cary and across the state. Read more

EchoPark Signs 15-Year Lease at Old Crossroads Ford

Cary, NC — EchoPark, a national automotive company specializing in high-quality used cars, will be bringing new life to the vacant property at 2333 Walnut Street that once was the home to Crossroads Ford.

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Garmin Expands Business Footprint in Cary

Cary, NC — Today, through the Cary Chamber of Commerce, it has been announced that Garmin, an established Cary resident company, has decided to expand their footprint here in Cary by signing a 12-year lease.

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Protolabs to Open 120K Square Foot Facility in Cary

Cary, NC — The Cary Chamber of Commerce announced today that Protolabs, an established Cary-Resident, has decided to expand their footprint here in Cary.

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Business Bits: Cary’s Newest Openings

Cary, NC — With the fluctuating, unpredictable nature of customer traffic that came with the Coronavirus, Cary’s shopping hubs have seen their share of vacant storefronts.

Though, with several new restaurants and shops opening their doors in recent months, we may be seeing growth return to Cary’s business sector. Here are just a few of the newest spots we’ve seen.

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Peck & Plume Now Open at The Mayton

Cary, NC — Peck & Plume has opened as the new restaurant at The Mayton, (formerly The Mayton Inn), a 44-room boutique hotel in downtown Cary.

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Business Bits: Restaurant Openings & Downtown Developments

Cary, NC — Around Cary, it appears the swift closings related to the pandemic have slowed. In the place of that news has been the newest announcements of incoming and new businesses and the various planned developments in Cary’s downtown core.

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