Harold’s Blog: Fair Housing, Project Updates and More

Cary, NC — The only scheduled meetings I had this week were staff meetings which were canceled.

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N.C. Eyes Hurricane Isaias

Cary, NC — A hurricane watch has been issued for the southeastern coast of Florida as Hurricane Isaias continues north from the Bahamas.

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Everyday Heroes: Finding Perspective on the Frontline

Cary, NC — When Parisa Rohani Carr got her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene in 2013, she couldn’t have imagined she would have one of the highest risk jobs in a global pandemic several years later.

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Canes Drop Warmup Game to Caps, 3-2

Cary, NC — It was a long 4 1/2 months without playing a game and like Christmas gifts, giving is better than receiving when it comes to hard body checks. Nevertheless, every team in the Playoffs is glad to be back on the ice.

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Cary COVID Report – July 29

Cary, NC – While Wake County, NC new coronavirus cases bounced back up in the last week, the larger trend for North Carolina and much of the South is flattening. Read more

Canes Start Quest for Stanley Cup

Cary, NC — It started with a replay of the amazing game in Toronto where EBUG (Emergency Back-Up Goalie) David Ayres made NHL history by coming in for injuries to both regular goalies then going on to get credit for the win.

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GoFundMe Video: Save CaryCitizen

Cary, NC – On Monday, July 27, 2020, CaryCitizen launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the publication through the pandemic crisis. Today, we’re sharing a video featuring longtime reader and contributor David Lindquist on why he supports CaryCitizen and community news. Read more

Sneak Peek: West Cary Wegmans

Cary, NC — By now you’ve surely heard that Wegmans is not only bringing one store, but two to Cary. The first, located at 3710 Davis Drive in West Cary, will open to the public on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 9 AM.

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Harold’s Blog: Cary’s Statement on RDU Quarry, Case Numbers and More

Cary, NC — This week included more activities than the previous two weeks.

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Town Council Prioritizes Green Space & Public Transit

Cary, NC — In their first meeting since June 25, the Cary Town Council heard the economic impacts of the pandemic on Cary, endorsed the creation of the Western Corridor for Wake Bus Rapid Transit and approved a permanent right-of-way closure.

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