GoFundMe Video: Save CaryCitizen

Cary, NC – On Monday, July 27, 2020, CaryCitizen launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the publication through the pandemic crisis. Today, we’re sharing a video featuring longtime reader and contributor David Lindquist on why he supports CaryCitizen and community news.

Why Community News Is Important

Since 2009, our mission has been to tell the story of Cary. We’ve done that five days a week, for 11 years, supported by our advertisers and sponsors. But now we need your help.

CaryCitizen GoFundMe

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of our small business customers do not feel confident advertising right now.

As April turned into May, we had all hoped that things would return to a semblance of normal. But as June turned into July, we’ve had to face the fact that business (and life) may not return to anything like normal until next year.

For 11 years, our stories have been paid for by advertisers and sponsors. Now, we need help from our community to get us through the coming months.

This GoFundMe campaign will pay our staff, web hosting and insurance costs. We estimate we need to raise $50,000 to get us through to January 2021.

Our deadline for much-needed community support is August 31. After that, without funding, CaryCitizen will have to go dormant.

And that will leave Cary, NC without a daily local news source when we need it most.

In this video for GoFundMe, David Lindquist talks about why community news is important to him.

Support for CaryCitizen

In our first two days of the campaign, we raised over $3,500 from more than 100 people.

You can help support CaryCitizen:

CaryCitizen GoFundMe page:

Or, you can contribute via PayPal.

Thank you Cary Citizens!

Story and video by Hal Goodtree.

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  1. Bob C.
    Bob C. says:

    I think the citizens of Cary, Apex and Morrisville are starved for local news. The Cary Citizen is worthy of support if this is the dedicated mission of the reporting.


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