Top 5 Stories of the Week: October 15, 2021

Cary, NC — Top of the story leaderboard this week is a piece honoring the life of Shakela “KeeKee” Featherson and the plans to celebrate her this Sunday at a downtown Cary gym.

Also popular this week with our readers were new business openings and some fall-themed stories, like the one I wrote about carving up pumpkins with some unlikely company—goats.

1. Local Gym Honors Life of 36-Year-Old Member this Sunday

Shakela Featherson, a Cary resident and young professional known to her family and friends as, “KeeKee,” recently succumbed to COVID-19, passing away at age 36. This Sunday, her gym family in Cary has a special workout and fundraiser planned in her honor.

2. Business Bits: Cary’s Newest Openings

Cary’s shopping hubs have seen their share of vacant storefronts through the pandemic—but, with several new restaurants and shops opening their doors in recent months, we may be seeing growth return to Cary’s business sector. Here are just a few of the newest spots we’ve seen.

3. Carving Pumpkins with Goats

I had an incredible experience at the start of October— picking and carving a pumpkin on a pasture with over a dozen goats and other farm animals! Read more and see the photos of my unique afternoon, just a short drive outside of Cary.

4. Harold’s Blog: Cary Diwali, Hospital Updates & Transit

Get caught up with the Mayor as he recaps a few events he attended, like Cary Diwali and a few meetings from expanding public transit to local hospital updates and the latest federal policies.

5. West Cary’s Biggest Festival is Back

Local beer, musicians, performers, a kids area, petting zoo, hillbilly horseshoes, and pie-eating contest — all these things and a couple of new additions will be featured in the 5th Annual Fest in the West coming up on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Check it out.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos by Kairis, Hal Goodtree and courtesy of the friends of KeeKee Featherson.

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