Rehearsals Begin for Iconic Performance at Cary Ballet Company

Cary, NC — This week, from October 13-18, Cary Ballet Company will be welcoming in special guest and American ballerina, Suzanne Farrell to kick off their preparations for a history-making piece.

The Spring Works performance, presented by Cary Ballet Company on May 29, 2022, will include Contemporary, New and Classical pieces. Dancers’ rehearsals and preparation for this production begin this week with the staging of the classical portion.

A History-Making Performance in Cary

The classical piece will be remarkable for Cary Ballet Company in several ways.

First, the choreography is of the Balanchine ballet, Serenade. This iconic ballet was George Balanchine’s first original piece in the United States, which helped establish what is now known as New York City Ballet. Serenade is so special that New York City Ballet recently opened this year’s season with this breathtaking 30-minute piece.

The company received approval from The George Balanchine Trust to learn and perform Serenade. The George Balanchine Trust was founded with the mission of preserving and protecting Mr. Balanchine’s creative works. To ensure this, the Trust requires all companies to use a repetiteur (a former dancer of Balanchine’s choreography) to stage the choreography and all the little details that Mr. Balanchine instilled with this piece.

Photo of Suzanne Farrell, by Paul Kolnik.

Second, the staging of this ballet will be by the American ballerina, Suzanne Farrell. Her 30-year career included performing 75 roles in 70 ballets and directing her own company, The Suzanne Farrell Ballet Company stationed out of the Kennedy Center. Farrell began her professional dancing career in NYC under George Balanchine where he staged many roles for her.

Lastly, Farrell has staged this piece many times with professional or university-level dancers. This will be the very first time that she will stage this for a youth organization.

Farrell said, “The first time I performed Serenade, I was thrown into a principal role after just a few months in the company—what an extraordinary ballet to perform! Now, I am eager to share those wonderful, life-changing memories with a new generation.”

Cary Ballet Company looks forward to welcoming and hosting Suzanne Farrell October 13 – 18, 2021. For those interested in sponsoring or seeking additional information about this event, please contact Suzanne Murley.

Story by staff reports. Photos courtesy of Peter Mueller, Paul Kolnik and the Cincinnati Ballet. The featured image (top) is of Dancers of Cincinnati Ballet, performing Serenade. Choreography by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust.

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  1. Elizabeth Ryan
    Elizabeth Ryan says:

    How exciting, for the kids and for us. I have never seen Ms. Farrell in live performance, but she is one of the greats. And to be the first youth group to be taught by her is indeed something special. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing the results of their efforts next May.

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