Bond Brothers Celebrates Diversity with New Brew

Cary, NC — If a diverse group of people coming together to make a batch of beer makes it taste good, then Bond Brothers’ new American Wheat Ale is bound to be delicious.

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Cary History: Volunteering is in Her Bones

Cary, NC — Jeannette Evans was one of the very first volunteers at Christian Community in Action’s Dorcas Thrift Shop when it opened in 1972.

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Cary History: Restoring a Black Cemetery

Cary, NC — There is a little-known African-American cemetery on W. Cornwall Road, belonging to the Cary First Christian Church, next to Glenaire Senior Facility. Sallie Jones took on restoring and preserving it as a personal project, saving it from becoming lost.

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An Open Conversation on Race & Policing in Cary

Cary, NC — Powerful words when matched with inclusive actions have the ability to change the narratives of racial injustice and police perception. Proving that point in a virtual meeting of the Heart of Cary Association this morning were two panelists, Tru Petigrew, a Diversity and Inclusion Expert, and Tony Godwin, former Cary Police Chief.

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Cary Town Council Creates Diversity Task Force

Cary, NC — This week the Cary Town Council, in an effort to bring about actionable change, created a task force whose mission will be to help foster diversity and inclusion across the community.

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Protests & Unity in Cary

Cary, NC — “Hey-hey, ho-ho, racism has got to go.”

“No peace, no justice.”

“I can’t breathe.”

“Stand up, speak out.”

“Black Lives Matter.”

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Harold’s Blog: Unity Walk, Budget and Pipeline Update

Cary, NC — This week included a birthday, the final budget proposal, and a unity walk in Cary.

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Photos: Chalk Art Sparks Unity in Cary

Cary, NC — A Cary High School student created an event this week that brought together residents and Cary Police in a unified stand against racism and police brutality.

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