150 Years: Legends of the Nancy Jones House

Cary, NC — As Cary continues to be celebrated for turning 150 this year, one tangible way to see its history is in the structures that not only survived the years but still keep the secrets and stories of times past alive today.

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150 Years: Cary’s First Inhabitants, the Tuscarora

Cary, NC — This year is all about celebrating the history of Cary as an incorporated Town since 1871, but that covers just 150 years of the story of this area.

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Collect Your Deck of Historic Cary 150 Cards

Cary, NC — In a creative, community-driven effort to celebrate Cary’s 150th year, The Cary Players have sponsored custom and locally-made card sets.

These decks of 24 cards showcase tidbits of Cary history and are now free to the public in several pick-up locations.

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150 Years: Tales of Cary’s Railroad Stop

Cary, NC — In celebration of Cary’s sesquicentennial, which is fancy talk for 150th birthday, CaryCitizen is creating monthly lookbacks through time to share some of the most important moments, places and people that have shaped this town.

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Harold’s Blog: Cary’s Sesquicentennial, White Oak Greenway Incident Details and More

Cary, NC — This week Cary celebrated its 150th anniversary and many celebrated Easter!

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Cary Celebrates 150 Years this Saturday with Live Showcase

Cary, NC — As most may know, 2021 is Cary’s 150th year as an incorporated town, but the actual incorporation anniversary date is this weekend on Saturday, April 3.

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150 Years: How Cary Got its Name

Cary, NC — How did Cary become a town? Why was “Cary” the chosen name?

The answer requires a trip back in time to 1871.

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