Gardening in Cary: February Tips

Cary, NC — Much like January, February can be a tough month to find ways to channel your green thumb as we haven’t reached the last frost date, predicted to be April 6th.

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Register for Spring Giveaway of Native Cary Trees

Cary, NC — If you’ve heard the phrase “My Tree, Our Tree” around town, it refers to a Town of Cary program that offers free, native trees to Cary residents who will take them home and plant them.

Note: Participation in this program is limited to Cary citizens.

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Gardening in Cary: January Tips

Cary, NC — Whether you’ve discovered a green thumb during the pandemic or have been a lifetime horticulturalist, there’s always something that can be done to improve or add to your garden each month. Read more

Gardening: Preparing Your Lawn for Autumn

Cary, NC — It may not feel like it yet, but tomorrow is the beginning of the fall season and that means you should start thinking about how the coming weather changes will affect your lawn.

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Gardening: What To Do After Heavy Rains

Cary, NC – As you likely noticed, Cary has seen heavy rainfall this spring, which can cause problems for your garden. So for the next storm and future ones, here are some tips on how to help your garden after it rains.

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Celebrate National Garden Week in Cary

Cary, NC — June 6-12, 2021 is National Garden Week, and to help you take part in it, we’ve put together some great tips for preparing your gardens and keeping them cool this summer.

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Photos: Anne B. Kratzer Educational Gardens

Cary, NC — With the warm temperatures and nice breeze, today made for a great trip to a local garden. The Anne B Kratzer Educational Gardens are nestled between the Page-Walker Arts & History Center and Cary Town Hall.

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Cary Garden Club Plant & Yard Sale this Saturday

Cary, NC — Since 1958, the Cary Garden Club has promoted the love of gardening with a heart for community service and engagement.

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Spring into Growing Season with Good Hope Farm

Cary, NC — Good Hope Farm has been in production for over 100 years in northwest Cary, located at the center of what’s known as Carpenter Village.

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Plant a Free, Native Tree this Spring from the Town of Cary

Cary, NC — With developments cropping up all around Cary, many trees inevitably get chopped.

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