Meet the Farmers: Meadowhawk Farm

Cary, NC — A new addition to the vendors of the Cary Downtown Farmers Market is the family-owned and operated Meadowhawk Farm.

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Cary Tree Archive Celebrates Anniversary with New Additions

Cary, NC — A land-reclamation project called the Cary Tree Archive hit its one year anniversary on Monday, September 28, 2020.

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Gardening: Fall Vegetables to Plant Now

Cary, NC – You’d think that Fall vegetables should be planted in the Fall. But, here in the North Carolina Piedmont, July and August are prime months for planting fall garden vegetables. Read more

Hidden Gems in the Garden

Cary, NC – After the showy flowers of spring, one has to look more closely to find the hidden gems of early summer. Read more

Livening Up My Landscape

Cary, NC – Here are a few plant ideas for late spring to liven up the landscape. All pictures are from my garden. Read more

Gardening: Help Local Wildlife with a Pollinator Garden

Cary, NC — Many people, especially this Spring, are taking up gardening to add beauty to their homes or to find some relaxation. With a pollinator garden, you can have these same components in your life while also helping the environment.

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Gardening: Spring Flowers in Cary

Cary, NC – As the COVID-19 lock down stretches into it’s fifth week, a sure sign of spring is on the horizon: Cary’s Frost-Free Date, when it’s safe to start planting summer flowers. Read more

Staying Busy: My COVID-19 Garden

Cary, NC – Since I’m stuck in the house 24/7 (mostly), I decided to grow an early spring kitchen garden in a few pots and planters.

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