Town Council Discusses Logos, Redistricting & Housing in Cary

Cary, NC — Last Thursday, the Cary Town Council convened for back-to-back meetings.

The first was a work session at the Cary Police Department and the second was a regularly scheduled council meeting in the Town Hall Chambers.

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Town Council Approves 560-Unit Neighborhood

Cary, NC — The two biggest moves from last Thursday’s Cary Town Council meeting were the approval of a 25.99-acre neighborhood and the unanimous denial of rezoning for a dentist’s office in Wellington Park.

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Town Council: Wellington Park Rezoning Sparks Public Opposition

Cary, NC — Last Thursday’s meeting of the Cary Town Council saw continued public opposition on a rezoning case in the Wellington Park neighborhood.

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Cary Town Council Approves 2 Non-Unanimous Rezonings

Cary, NC — On Thursday, July 22, 2021, the Cary Town Council convened in front of the public in their Town Hall Chambers for the first time in more than 500 days.

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Cary Town Council Meetings Reopen to Public Next Week

Cary, NC — Next week’s meeting of the Cary Town Council will be the first since February 2020 to allow members of the public to physically be in attendance.

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Cary Town Council Narrowly Approves 300-Unit Rezoning

Cary, NC — For a council that frequently passes requests and projects in unanimous fashion, the Thursday, June 24, 2021 meeting of the Cary Town Council was fairly abnormal with 2 split votes of 4-3 and 5-2.

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Cary Town Council Approves Extra $15 Million for Downtown Park

Cary, NC — The Cary Town Council made two actions of approval in last night’s meeting, one to appropriate an additional $15 million in funding to complete the Downtown Park and the other to “allocate” a police canine named Brackeen to Holly Springs as his handler in Cary is retiring.

What ended up taking up the most discussion time was a contentious rezoning amendment request in the Wellington Park area that has spurred over 300 signatures in a petition against it.

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Town Council Approves Rezoning 5-2, Discusses Redistricting

Cary, NC — Since the Town Council had not met in a public, televised meeting in a full month, there was much to discuss in the most recent one, held on Thursday, May 27.

Topics included the appointment of a new Town Attorney, the official adoption of Juneteeth as a Town Holiday and several proposed developments.

The vote of the night that was not unanimous was the vote which approved, 5-2, the Twin Lakes proposed which will allow apartments to be built on land initially zoned for retail and office space.

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Town Council Takes “Giant Leap” in Environmental Commitments

Cary, NC — The meeting’s two main points of discussion, whether planned or coincidental to be announced on Earth Day, had to do with environmental programs and funding.

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Cary Town Council: Private Street Maintenance and 3 Public Hearings

Cary, NC — In last night’s meeting, the Cary Town Council held 3 annexation public hearings and unanimously passed a resolution to accept Glenpark Place, a private townhome street for maintenance as a Cary street.

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