Top 5 Stories of the Week: December 10, 2021

Cary, NC — It’s a cold Friday morning today which calls for two important things — bundling up to stay warm and getting caught up on the top 5 stories of the moment in Cary.

 1. South Hills of Cary Sells For $38.4 Million

About 50 acres of land along Buck Jones Road has been home to the South Hills Mall and Plaza since the 1960s. This land now has a new fate on the horizon as it was purchased on November 18th for a price tag of $38.4 million.

2. 2021 NC Chinese Lantern Festival Now Open

Though published in mid-November, this story has resurfaced as our second most read of the week as it details the newest season of the NC Chinese Lantern Festival which is setting records for attendance and remains open for attendees through January 9, 2022.

3. Harold’s Blog: Holiday Events and Celebrating First Responders

From holiday celebrations to appreciation dinners, take a look at the Mayor’s most recent blog post for more happenings and local government updates from Assistant Town Manager, Dan Ault.

4. 2021 Holiday Events in Cary, NC

Another top-searched story, in addition to the NC Chinese Lantern Festival, is our master list of Holiday Events in Cary. Just to name a few of those coming up, we will have the Jaycees Christmas Parade, Cary Ballet Company’s Nutcracker, the 27th Annual Kwanzaa Celebration and more. Check out the list for all the details!

5. Photos: The 2021 Cary Christmas Tree Lighting

If you missed the Cary Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony last weekend, we’ve got a festive photo recap of the event right here!

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis. 

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