Downtown Cary’s “Invisible” Art Collection

Cary, NC — Downtown Cary has been a proverbial red carpet showcasing public art, particularly in this time of the pandemic with zoo-themed Chinese lanterns, virtual reality light shows and other pop-ups through the Town’s GLOW series.

In recent weeks, the downtown art scene got its latest makeover that will last through the end of 2021—but it’s not noticeable to the human eye and requires a technological approach for viewing.

How to View the Exhibition

The total of nine digital art displays are accessible through mobile devices at various buildings throughout downtown Cary, using a specially made app. The full app name is “Cary AR Art Exhibition App,” and is available in both Google Play and Apple Store for free.

The Art You’ll Find

Portal into the Future by Ty Wittenborn (sculpture)

Location: Fidelity Bank Plaza, 100 W Chatham Street

Description: Cary supports STEM initiatives and embraces technology. In this future, the Town of Cary leads the world in the development of next generation robots. “I enjoy Cary’s art displays…the technology aspect of this [exhibition] opens many possibilities for expression. I am curious how people will make use of this new artistic medium (augmented reality)” -Ty.

Dogwood Blossoms in Fog by John Lapp (wall mural)

Location: Mural wall on the corner of Harrison Ave and Chatham St, 220 W Chatham St

Description: Initially, I wanted to make photographs of vast landscapes in the Ansel Adams and John Sexton tradition. However, my attempts were pale, disappointing imitations. My successful photographs were often of small things: a tree leaf, a set of steps, a fog-bound tree, a window, a doorway – details of the mundane things we see everyday. Gradually, I came to embrace and develop this vision. My photographs point to the forms and patterns we usually overlook and say to the viewer “Hey, look at this!”

Passiflora by Rhett Hissam (wall mural)

Location: Cary Theater/Brew Coffee wall, 122 E Chatham St

Description: a native medicinal flower modeled in virtual reality using Tiltbrush by Google. 

Rosemary by Rhett Hissam (wall mural)

Location: Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage, 120 E Chatham St

Calendula by Rhett Hissam (wall mural)

Location: Cary Arts Center wall, 101 Dry Ave

Hot Rod by Stephen Beckstrand (sculpture)

Location: Old Library site, 310 S Academy St

Pinwheel (sculpture)

Location: Cary Arts Center, 101 Dry Ave

Abstract (sculpture)

Location: Post Office, 205 S Academy St

Horse & Rider (sculpture)

Location: Old Library site, 310 S Academy St

Download the app to get started on Apple Storeor Google Play

More About the Artists

Created by David Wilson and Mike Garci of TorocityDesigns. They are a creative placemaking team working with local businesses and municipalities to bring unique art and design using leading-edge, immersive technology. This temporary art exhibition in downtown Cary wants to boldly translate the idea of art in the landscape and how the user can engage with the artwork sculptures and murals.

Story from staff reports. Photos courtesy of the Town of Cary.

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