Photos: Saturday at the Farmers Fall Festival

Cary, NC — The Farmers Fall Festival was welcomed back into downtown Cary last Saturday with the open arms of thousands of festival-goers and some picture-perfect weather.

Kids had the chance to watch magic shows, make their own crowns, bounce around on an inflatable slide and visit the CaryCitizen arts & crafts booth. For the grown-ups, there was craft beer, food trucks and rows upon rows of local items for purchase from farmers to makers and bakers, and everything in between.

Personally, what took the cake for me was seeing none other than Santa and Mrs. Clause there. They must be on a pre-holiday vacation, trying to enjoy the warmth of Cary while Santa double checks that naughty/nice list. He really enjoyed seeing many of Cary’s kiddos and snapped photos with them as the festival rolled on.

The festival was also marked by some great musical talent on the main stage from Mysti Mayhem and her band as well as the Adam Lee Decker Band. From hippie tunes to powerhouse rock and some easy listening, it was hard to look around and not spot someone bobbing their head up and down with the beat.

Beyond these great sounds of music and the smells of the kettle corn and barbecue, the best part had to be the sight of once again seeing a festival of this magnitude bringing people together to spend a morning and afternoon together in downtown Cary. Here are a few of our photos from the event, capturing just that.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos by Hal Goodtree & Ashley Kairis.

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