Photos: 45th Annual Laze Daze Arts & Crafts Festival

Cary, NC — Though scaled back in size and plenty hot in temperature, it was a great sight to see over the weekend when people from all over gathered at the 45th Annual Lazy Daze Arts & Crafts Festival.

For those unfamiliar with the festival, it is well-recognized as one of the top art festivals in the country. Lazy Daze took place on Cary’s Town Hall Campus and included about 150 artists from all corners of the country. Thirteen of the artists chosen for the festival are local Cary residents, one being the featured artist of the festival, Lyudmila Tomova.

Here’s a look at a few moments captured by our CaryCitizen team of the festival.

John and Mary Webster from Markham, Canada, one of Cary’s sister cities, dressed for the occasion, opening up the festivities as Town Crier.

Featured artist of the festival, Lyudmila Tomova.

The mirror man from Imagine Circus was a huge hit, getting many high fives and selfies along his travels through the festival.

A portion of N. Academy Street was blocked off to make way for all the artists.

Ceramic artworks made by Hawksbill Pottery of Charlottesville, VA.

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis. Town crier and featured artist photos by Lindsey Chester.

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