Cary Theater Virtual Cinema: February 2021 Shows

Cary, NC — A little over three months ago, The Cary Theater started up a virtual cinema program as a means to bring the arthouse cinema experience home during the pandemic.

To learn more about the virtual cinema program and how to get tickets, check out our previous coverage.

Here’s a look at what new films are available to stream at home right now.

Available Now Through February 28, 2021


2019 | 1hr 49 min | Documentary | Romanian w/ English subtitles

Collective presents a darkly effective overview of the cycle of political corruption and public cynicism that takes hold when government abrogates its responsibility to the people.

Immediately following the film there will be a pre-recorded discussion between filmmaker Alexander Nanau and Rolling Stone critic Kameron Austin Collins. This conversation is exclusive to virtual cinema engagements.

See more on Collective and get virtual ticket passes on the Cary Theater website.

Night Shift

2020 | 1hr 38 min. | Drama, Crime | French w/ English Subtitles

Three officers are tasked with escorting an illegal immigrant to Charles de Gaulle airport, where he will be forced onto a plane and sent back to his homeland. But when they find out about the truth they have to make a difficult choice.

10 Days with Dad

2020 | 1 hr 24min | Family, Comedy | French w/ English Subtitles

Antoine is the Head of HR of a big company. When his wife decides to go on holiday and leave him with the responsibility of their four kids, he knows it will be easy. But Antoine has underestimated the mess that it can be.


2020 | 1 hr 38 min | Comedy, Drama | Spanish w/ English Subtitles

Sol, a tango singer, has been living in Buenos Aires for many years. But behind her impulsive nature and bright smile lies the loss of her son, with whom she had broken every bond. When Sol finally comes back to Paris in the hope of meeting her seven-year-old grandson Jo and the daughter-in-law she never met, she decides to rent the flat next door and pretends to be the new neighbor.

Love Sarah

2020 | 1hr 38 min | Romance, Drama | English

A young woman wishes to fulfill her mother’s dream of opening her own bakery in Notting Hill, London. To do this, she enlists the help of an old friend and her grandma.


2020 | 1hr 23 min | Drama | English

Separated from his wife, a well-intentioned father runs off with his transgender son into the Montana wilderness.


2020 | 1hr 59 min| PG-13 | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | English

Two estranged brothers must set aside their differences when a rare and lethal illness threatens their respective flocks of sheep in Western Australia.

Available Through February 7, 2021

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

2019 | 1hr 51min | Not Rated | Documentary

A documentary in which friends, family members, colleagues, and patients discuss the remarkable life and career of Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Martin Eden

2019 | 2h 9min | Not Rated | Drama/Romance | Italian with English Subtitles

Adapted from a 1909 novel by Jack London yet set in a provocatively unspecified moment in Italy’s history, Martin Eden is a passionate and enthralling narrative fresco in the tradition of the great Italian classics.

Story from staff reports. Images courtesy of The Cary Theater.

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