Snow Possible this Friday in Cary

Cary, NC — There was no White Christmas in the cards for Cary this winter, but we may be in for our first snowfall this Friday, January 8, 2021.

While only time will tell, here’s what the meteorologists are predicting.

Chance of Snow Showers Throughout Friday

Late Thursday night/early Friday morning may be the first glimpse of rain and snow showers around 1 AM with a low at about 35 degrees.

Friday brings a 70% chance of precipitation with mostly cloudy skies. Rain is more likely on the front end of the day with a high of 40 degrees. As the temperature reaches a low around 30, there’s a chance of a snow and rain mixture, followed by a possibility of snow showers between 10 PM Friday and 1 AM Saturday.

Whatever ends up falling from the sky, enjoy it while it lasts before the sunny skies return Saturday with a high temperature reaching up to 45.

Story from staff reports.

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