Comments Needed for Cary’s Multi-Modal Center

Cary, NC — Through October 30, Cary citizens can explore the feasibility of a new Downtown Cary Multimodal Transit Facility and provide comments.

According to the Town of Cary, the proposed facility would provide a convenient and connected hub for local and regional bus service, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), future commuter rail service and Amtrak intercity passenger rail services.

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Project Overview

The Town of Cary is studying the feasibility of a new Downtown Cary Multi-Modal Transit Facility. The study has evaluated proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors into downtown Cary and potential site locations for a Multi-Modal Transit Facility.

The Multi-Modal Transit Facility will accommodate a variety of existing and future transit modes and services including local and regional bus service, BRT, future commuter rail service and Amtrak intercity passenger rail services.  As part of the Wake Transit concurrence process, the Cary Town Council will take action on the recommended BRT corridor into downtown Cary later this year.

The study has evaluated size, rail access,  traffic access, station area connectivity, sustainability, and development possibilities of potential downtown sites. Town staff have presented a recommended general area for a new Downtown Cary Multi-Modal Transit Facility to the Cary Town Council.

The study examined alternatives for how BRT facilities traversing the Town will interact with the new multi-modal center in a manner that facilitates safe, efficient and well-coordinated circulation.

Concept planning and design is consistent with the vision set out in the Imagine Cary Community Plan with the goal of creating a vibrant and connected public space within Downtown Cary.

Project Details

This feasibility study is important to:

  • Expand mobility options and regional transit connections via Downtown Cary
  • Connect Downtown Cary within Town limits and regionally within the Triangle
  • Enrich Downtown Cary with a vibrant and connected public space
  • Enhance investments in the multimodal center to meet the development goals of the Cary Community Plan
  • Launch the project into land acquisition and final design

As defined in the Cary Community Plan, the vision for Downtown Cary is that it will be supported by “a multimodal transportation hub serving pedestrians, bicyclists, bus transit, train and motorists.” WSP, an engineering consulting firm in Raleigh, was selected to conduct the study.

Project Background

The region is undertaking the implementation of the Wake County Transit Plan, which was adopted in June 2016 by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), Wake County and the Research Triangle Public Transportation Authority (GoTriangle). The Wake County Transit Plan allocates significant resources to the Town of Cary’s transit system (GoCary) to support the system’s growth of community-based fixed route bus services where need exists over the next 10 years.

Local & Regional Transit Service has outgrown the Depot’s current location.  The Wake County Transit Plan allocation further supports  Cary’s need to expand and enhance its local fixed-route bus services to serve more of its citizens in a comfortable and convenient manner.  The Town must provide adequate supportive facilities to accommodate the infrastructure needs of this growth. Further, the Wake County Transit Plan allocates resources to the development of fixed-guideway transit in the form of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Commuter Rail (CRT) transit.  These will converge in Downtown Cary at the multi-modal facility, which will serve as the Town’s central transfer hub.

Project Schedule and Next Steps

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on planned public engagement activities, the feasibility study is expected to be completed by Spring 2021.   Virtual public engagement is being explored as a means to safely gather community input to the study.  After completion of the feasibility study, the Town will move the project into the land acquisition and final design phases.

Story from Staff Reports and the Town of Cary.

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