Amazon Picks Cary

Cary, NC – On Monday, the Cary Chamber of Commerce announced that Amazon has selected Cary for a new delivery center.

Amazon Picks Cary for Delivery Center

from the Cary Chamber:

The Cary Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Amazon will become a new corporate citizen for the Town of Cary in the coming months. Based on the company’s expansion plans, they will be opening and operating a new Delivery Station in Cary, adding to their existing presence in the region.

Amazon’s Delivery Station in Cary expects to hire and employ hundreds of associates as they ramp up their operations in 2020.

“Amazon has been one of the key lifelines to so many during this terrible pandemic, and we’re grateful to them for that as well as their decision to locate a portion of their logistics operations in Cary” – Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht

“We look forward to having Amazon be part of our community and corporate family in Cary and will be assisting them in any way needed, as they make their transition into Cary,” said Mark Lawson, Vice President of Economic Development for the Cary Chamber of Commerce. “The strengthening of supply chains and providing consumers and businesses with fast and efficient delivery services is more critical now than it ever has been, and we are greatly appreciative of the commitment and investment Amazon is making into the Town of Cary.”

Story from staff reports. Image courtesy of Amazon.

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  1. Patrick M
    Patrick M says:

    Has Amazon picked a location for this Delivery Station? I searched IDT and the only application/permit I found for Amazon was approved in 2018 (for a concrete pad for a power meter on Halesworth Dr). Maybe they are using a different company name for this project??

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