Hurricanes Extend Lease & Svechnikov Gives Back

Raleigh, NC — The season may still be on hold but the Canes are still having a positive impact on the local area. As many NHL players have done, Andrei Svechnikov did something to make a horrible situation a little easier.

Andrei Svechnikov Donates Supplies to Boys & Girls Club

Andrei Svechnikov smiles alongside 2,500 disposable masks and 25 containers of hand sanitizer containing 5.25 gallons each.

In consulting with both his brother and his agent, Svech decided on supplying a huge amount of hand sanitizer and disposable masks to the local Boys & Girls Club Of Raleigh.

Ralph Capps, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club explained that these supplies will help provide the 7 local clubs the right safety equipment to allow the members to stay as safe as possible and reduce the spreading of germs. Capps went on to say teaching local kids to frequently wash hands, cough into the elbow and immediately washing hands after sneezing will be part of staff instruction for members to do while at clubs and in their daily lives.

Club Provides Meals During Pandemic

Mr.Capps also said while many of the physical activities were put on hold back in early March, the club is still providing hundreds of meals every week and keeping their food bank as stocked as best as possible. Donations are always welcomed and encouraged in money, food and time and can be made online, by calling (919)834-6282 or by mail. Address: Boys & Girls Clubs, 701 N. Raleigh Boulevard, Raleigh, NC 27610.

It’s a very positive atmosphere and this club does great things for local people.

Svech said he personally wanted to do something, anything during this unprecedented pandemic time that would help make a difference.

I asked if he had anything like this growing up for him and his brother to go to and if that helped make a decision to help young folks. He said he did have something but nothing like what the local clubs have to offer. He was very impressed with the facility which helped him feel even better about his decision.

He donated 2,500 disposable masks and 25 containers of hand sanitizer (5.25 gallons each).

The sanitizer was made by a distillery in Michigan that normally makes rum. The containers mysteriously looked like a pony keg and there’s no truth that the folks making the sanitizer licked their fingers at the end of the day (the fact is the alcohol in booze is not the same as isopropyl alcohol, which is in sanitizer and what you buy at a drug store).

No Word From Svech on Returning to Ice

Andrei Svechnikov during warm-ups on February 8, 2020.

Like all NHLers, he has no firm idea when hockey will return. His brother, Evgeny, a member of the Red Wings, came to Raleigh for riding out the pandemic. Svech said having his brother here was great as “staying alone wouldn’t be fun.”

Evgeny made a similar donation to the Police department in Detroit. That says a lot about their parents and their upbringing. The brothers picked up fishing as an activity and made a couple of trips to the beach to hone their angler skills. Both can’t wait to get back on skates as only players on rehab, like Svech’s good buddy, Dougie Hamilton, are allowed to skate during this shutdown. He joked that Hamilton would be in the best shape once they get back as a team.

Svech estimated most players would need a good month to get in game shape but he looked like if he laced them up today he’d be fine. This is a player to follow.

His skills are off the charts and the Canes are extremely fortunate to have him and the good news is, he loves the area, everyone in the Canes organization and wants nothing more than to continually improve and bring another Stanley Cup to the Caniacs.

Canes Extend Lease

Hurricanes mascot Stormy and the Storm Squad get the crowd amped at PNC Arena.

One other bit of good news is the Canes signed a 5-year extension of their lease agreement with the Centennial Authority. President & GM Don Waddell was very pleased to make the announcement as it solidifies the Canes and what wasn’t said, hopefully stops the rumors of the Canes looking elsewhere. Waddell went on to say how much majority owner Tom Dundon has invested in the team and has a desire to improve and expand the PNC Arena and the land around the Arena. All great news.

Story and donation photo by Bob Fennel. Other photos by Ashley Kairis.

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