Photos: Fall Colors Peak in Cary

Cary, NC — I enjoyed an afternoon in three parks on Friday last week. It was a day that, in my book, was the very peak of vibrance for Cary’s autumn foliage.

I packed up my camera and took to the walking trails at North Cary Park, Bond Park and Walnut Street Park.

Along my walks, I came across many friendly neighbors I hadn’t met before and a few friendly creatures as well. From swimming ducks and fetching dogs to a few squirrels anxiously digging around to store a few walnuts and mushrooms before the weather gets too frosty, I was always entertained.

As the leaves crunched beneath my feet, I came to realize what a pivotal season it has been for me. I got married this fall, I found out that I will have a niece in the new year and in many ways, I too am shifting from one season of my life to the next.

In a way, I suppose we’re all a bit like trees. If you’ll entertain the metaphor for a moment — some seasons of life can feel vibrant, strong and on the right path toward sunshine. Other seasons can be a bit more stripped of color and feel like a few of our limbs could use repair.

Today, I hope that no matter what sort of season you are in, or what sort of shape your metaphorical tree is in, that you find enjoyment in this series of photos.

A squirrel in North Cary Park didn’t mind my company while it snacked on a mushroom cap.

An energetic yellow lab named Buc was thrilled to play a game of fetch with his owner in North Cary Park.

With scenic pops of color on display, I noticed multiple photoshoots and selfies in the works at Bond Park.

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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