Local Nonprofit Seeks Volunteers for September Month of Service

Cary, NC — Activate Good, a Raleigh-based nonprofit serving Cary and other communities of the Triangle, has announced and invited Triangle residents to participate in a September month of service with more than 250 volunteer shifts available.

With a core mission to improve local communities through “people-powered projects for good,” Activate Good believes this next month can bring people together around the shared idea of helping the community during a time of need.

Background on the Month of Service

Last year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Activate Good continued its tradition of honoring those lost on September 11, 2001, but in a new format. Instead of one day, the non-profit organization hosted a full month of service activities.

The month was such a success that the Activate Good team has decided to do it again this year. This year’s month of service will take place from September 1 through 30, 2021, and it will bring Triangle residents together to participate in safe, in-person, or remote volunteer opportunities and more.

“Last year, we saw a light shine on some of the biggest needs in our community,” said Amber Smith, Executive Director of Activate Good.

“People stepped up to help their neighbors and volunteered in communities across the Triangle. But we know the need is not over yet – we’re hoping people will keep it up! Sign up to serve with us this September – do some good, find new opportunities to connect with others, and get to know your community a little better, too,” said Smith.

Community Members Invited to Volunteer

During the September Month of Service, community members around the Triangle are invited to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities—either in-person or virtual—based on their interests and availability. Some volunteer projects are scheduled at a specific day and time while other opportunities allow volunteers to participate based on their own schedule, ensuring maximum flexibility during a challenging time of often unpredictable schedules.

In-person volunteer projects will be conducted in socially distanced environments with masks and other safety protocols in place. Interested participants can view both in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities and sign up online.

Community Reunion Mural Project

One of the over 250 volunteer opportunities in September is the “Community Reunion Mural Project.”

The project will bring together community members as volunteers to paint a mural in Downtown Raleigh. Designed and refined by professional artists who will provide guidance and touch-ups throughout the community engagement, the goal is to use volunteer service and art as a means of building community.

It’s also about raising resident morale as the community recovers from the effects of COVID-19, and bringing people together across differences by engaging them in a fun project—the results of which volunteers can enjoy and feel a sense of ownership over for years to come. Barring rain, the completed mural will be revealed on September 12, 2021. Volunteer spots for this project are expected to fill quickly. Interested participants can register online.

A Special Remembrance of 9/11

The team behind Activate Good is also putting together a special 20th-anniversary remembrance for those lost on 9/11.

For the past several years, Activate Good has hosted an in-person evening commemoration event to conclude the annual 9/11 Day of Service, a national day of service which honors those lost on September 11, 2001. This year, Activate Good will share a video on September 11, 2021, via social media channels that will showcase community members speaking about how they plan to contribute to positive change in the future. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Enact Mortgage Insurance, a long-time sponsor of Activate Good’s annual 9/11 Evening Commemoration, returns to support their efforts this year.

“We’re excited to sponsor and support this year’s September Month of Service in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001. We’ll always remember every part of that day; the anguish, fear, and the heroes. 20 years later, we’re humbled to have the opportunity to honor the lives of those we lost by giving back alongside our Triangle neighbors and friends at Activate Good,” said Rohit Gupta, President and CEO of Enact Mortgage Insurance.

For more information about planned activations or Activate Good, please contact Lee Posey Pike and visit activategood.org.

Please join Activate Good in a month of helping one another through service, connecting to others in the community, learning about local issues and causes, and committing to improving our community—together.

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