“July 4 in Cary” Video & Photos

Cary, NC — The 4th of July weekend was filled with a return to events celebrating the red, white and blue.

All over the Triangle, families were showing up in spades to mingle, dance, eat and simply be in a crowd of their neighbors again.

What really impressed me as a first-timer to a few of these local events was the Town of Cary Independence Day Celebration at Koka Booth Amphitheatre on Sunday. I finally got to hear the Cary Town Band and NC Symphony perform and, as I looked at the people around me, it made me realize just how much I took for granted before the pandemic.

It was so joyful to see kids blowing bubbles into the air, dancing for the fun of it, and running along Symphony Lake. I looked around and saw people in line for a cold cup of ice cream or laughing while playing a card game over a lawn blanket and was just happy. Then, right on time, the first flashes of fireworks lit up the sky.

I brought along my camera to capture the scenes I’ve described in both photos and a short video called, “July 4 in Cary.”

July 4 in Cary

Photos from Independence Day Celebration

As the Cary Town Band performed, several kids couldn’t help but get up and dance around.

Powerhouse vocalist Yolanda Rabun sang a few songs with accompanying music performed by the NC Symphony.

Frequently with a line of 20+ people was the ice cream cart along the Symphony Lake Greenway.

A youngster fills the air with bubbles as guests arrive to claim their spots in the pine straw.

As parking lots filled and the venue approached capacity, attendees took to the lakeside grass for a good firework-watching spot.

The centerpiece for the entire event was the American Flag, hoisted above the performers of the NC Symphony.

Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht hosts a moment of applause to honor the veterans and active duty service members in attendance.

A mirror-like image of the row of firework-watchers with their lawn chairs along Regency Parkway.

Spectators flooded in and out of the gates all evening with the venue reaching its capacity just after 9 PM as the fireworks were soon to begin.

Story, photos, and video by Ashley Kairis.

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