Fountain to Cut Off Monday & Remain Offline for Majority of Park Construction

Cary, NC — As Cary’s Downtown Park heads into its new phase, the beloved icon of Academy Street, the fountain will be cut off on Monday, May 17, 2021.

Immediately, as a downtown resident myself and lover of this spot in our town, my first big question was for how long? One month? A year? Longer? To get a better idea of the length of time the fountain is set to remain stagnant, I spoke with Cary’s Cultural Arts Manager, William Lewis.

“The fountain will be offline for the majority of the construction. If there is any way we can reopen it sooner, then we will,” said Lewis.

The opening of the park is currently projected to be Summer 2023.

Say Goodbye with Duck-Duck-Construct Event

As the Town has put it, this means the fountain will “duck out for a little while” and will also receive “some well-deserved renovation.” This ducking-out concept spurred the idea for a fun little send-off they’re calling Duck Duck Construct, going on this weekend. Here’s how to take part in it:

1. Pick up Your Duck.

You can bring your own duck from home or pick up, at no charge, a rubber duck from a local Cary business that can be found at any of these local participating businesses:

  • Ashworth Drugs
  • Bond Brothers Beer Company
  • BREW Coffee Bar
  • Cary Regional Library
  • Chatham Street Wine Market
  • Cotton House Craft Brewers
  • Daybreak
  • DiFara Pizza
  • Esteamed Coffee
  • Gigi’s Playhouse
  • Pharmacy Bottle & Beverage
  • Pro’s Epicurean Market & Café
  • The Perfect Piece

2. Put your name, family message on it.

Take home your duck, and choose a few words you’d like to include on it, such as your family’s name or a fun phrase.

3. Drop it off & make a wish.

  • May 14 from 1 – 4 PM
  • May 15 from 11 AM – 2 PM
  • May 16 from 11 AM – 2 PM

Make a wish and put your duck in the fountain during one of the above-listed times this weekend. The Town will store them during the renovation and when the fountain re-opens, all the ducks will go back into the fountain and you can come and look for yours.

Stay Up-to-Date on Fountain/Park News

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Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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