Dog Parks in Cary

Cary, NC — If you’re searching for a great dog park in Cary for your pup to play, run and socialize off-leash, look no further.

Local dog moms and dads have access to two dog parks, Robert V. Godbold Park in central Cary and Jack Smith Park in southern Cary. Though, because of the park’s upkeep costs and Town-enforced safety guidelines, a membership card is required for entry.

Each of the parks have separate areas for large and small dogs with daily hours of 7 AM-10 PM with no entries after 9 PM.

Robert V. Godbold Park is located at 2050 NW Maynard Road with ample parking access to the dog park, a skate park, tennis courts and more.

Robert V. Godbold Park

Starting with the dog park at Godbold Park, this spot is approximately one acre in size located near the corner of Maynard and Chapel Hill Road. There are several benches, a covered picnic table area and a handy doggy bowl fountain that local owners use to freshen up with refills as needed.

Owners and pets mingle at a distance inside the large dog section of the Robert V. Godbold Dog Park.

Jack Smith Park

The second dog park in on the southern outskirts of Cary. The plus side is that it is roughly double the size at approximately two acres, located at 9725 Penny Road near it’s intersection with Holly Springs Road.

Just like Robert V. Godbold, this park also features five-foot high chain link fencing with a paved entrance and electronic gate. The small and large dog areas are lighted in the evenings and have wood chips for ground cover.

Something to keep in mind when planning a trip to either dog parks is they are routinely closed for maintenance on the second Wednesday of each month from 7 AM-noon.

Annual Membership & Day-Only Passes

As a measure to keep dogs safe, owners must upload a rabies vaccination record and pay a fee to receive a membership card or day pass to get by the electronic gates at both parks. These fees are:

Single dog: $40 Cary resident / $80 non-resident

Multi-dog: $60 Cary resident / $120 non-resident

Owners can complete and sign the Cary Dog Park Registration Form and Rabies Verification online. Staff from Cary’s Parks & Rec Department then follow-up with further instructions and payment, then passes will be delivered in the mail shortly after. This process takes an average of 3-5 days.

The dog park card access system allows the Town to:

  • Require proof of vaccinations for the health and safety of humans and dogs
  • Offset operating costs through memberships and fees
  • Track usage to plan for the future
  • Promote registration of dogs within Cary

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Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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3 replies
  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    Sadly, we found so many people didn’t follow the rules that we stopped going. People brought in food, small children, and let in people who weren’t registered. I called the town and they said there was nothing they could do about it.

  2. KP
    KP says:

    When is the build on the new dog park at Highcroft & Carpenter Firestation going to begin, and when should it be completed? The park bond for it was passed in 2019, & I was told even without that it had already been approved.

  3. Frank Lazzaro Sr.
    Frank Lazzaro Sr. says:

    Frank Lazzaro, founder of “Friends Of Cary” in conjunction with Scott Hecht of the Cary Public Works Department is please to announce the addition of a shelter for the little dog area of the Godbold dog park. The folks who enjoy that area of the park have praised this addition.


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