December Event will Amplify Voices of Resilient Youth

Cary, NC — At the southern tip of Cary, just before Kildaire Farm Road runs out, there’s a non-profit horse riding academy called “CORRAL”.

As an oganization that is based in faith, CORRAL’s mission is to help adolescent girls in high-risk situations through a long-term program of equine therapy and education. This is to achieve a bright future for each girl, no matter the difficulties related to abuse, neglect, poverty and trauma that they’ve endured.

Recently, the nonprofit announced they will host a virtual event to honor a big achievement of several of these young girls in the program.

CORRAL Girls Pen Their Own Book

In 2019, the nonprofit partnered up with the Literacy Community Initiative to help the girls experience healing and empowerment through writing. After spending four months with NC State professors and students, the works that the girls created were combined into a book called, “A Leg Up,” featuring poems, essays and interview conversations.

Director of LCI,

The book is set to publish in 2021, but the team at CORRAL is putting together a special and virtual event to celebrate the girls and give them a chance to share their stories.

Join In on CORRAL’s Night of Stories

From 6-7:15 PM on Thursday, December 10, CORRAL is hosting a live book reading and fundraiser event called, “CORRAL’s Night of Stories.”

That night will give voice to a few of the young authors as they bravely share their stories from the book. The virtual audience attending will be invited to participate virtually and ask the girls questions. This, according to an organization spokesperson, helps to further cement for the girls that their words matter and people are interested in what they have to say.

Registration is free and open now online. For more event information, visit CORRAL’s website.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos submitted by Camille Brown.

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