Old North State Storytelling Festival is Live Now

Cary, NC — In a partnership between the Town of Cary and the NC Storytelling guild, these organizations have brought the second annual Old North State Storytelling Festival to the virtual climate of 2020.

Humorous & Heartwarming Performances

Last year the festival got its start in the Cary Theater with a sold out performance from acclaimed national and regional storytellers. This year, the festival continues on with hours of humorous and heartwarming stories offered entirely online with a $25 virtual pass that will grant access from now until the end of the festival on November 20, 2020.

A Few of the Story Tellers

The full lineup of eight storytellers and musical guests can be seen on the festival’s website, but here’s a few quick introductions to get you started.

Bil Lepp

“As carefully architected as The Eiffel Tower, Bil’s stories often start out plausible, then quickly morph into the outrageous and fantastic. On occasion, he is completely serious and you can follow him into stories of the courage and honor of ordinary folks. But beware—Bil’s wit will hit and you will never see it coming!”

Connie Regan-Blake

“Connie’s rare storytelling talent can transform a convention hall into a wondrous landscape and turn a packed theater into an intimate circle of friends. Throughout her career, she has performed at the nation’s top folk music and storytelling festivals, including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C., the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Orem, Utah, and the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee. (It is Connie’s unique honor to be the only performer invited onstage for every NSF since its conception in 1973!)”

Mitch Capel

“Mitch, also known as ‘Gran’daddy Junebug’ is a master storyteller, recording artist, published author and poet. He is mesmerizing as he brings stories to life, while plucking the string with just the touch the human heart craves. He has been described as a “word magician,” a “national treasure,” “unexpectedly powerful” and a “transformer of lives.”

When and How to Watch

After purchasing a Virtual Pass, you’ll receive an email with a password and a link to where you can access the storytelling videos. On that day, all the stories will be available and divided into seven sets. You can watch them anywhere, anytime and in any order you like.

Story from Staff Reports. Photos courtesy of the Old North State Storytelling Festival.

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