NC Radio Play Festival is Live

Cary, NC — The Cary Playwrights’ Forum has teamed up with The Greensboro Playwrights’ Forum to present the inaugural NC Radio Play Festival this month.

The Forums have co-produced ten 10-minute radio plays by North Carolina playwrights and are releasing them online throughout the month of October. The theme for this year’s festival is Halloween, so every script has elements of fantasy, horror, or the supernatural.

The first-ever North Carolina Radio Play Festival will showcase the following plays and playwrights:

  • Off the Vine — By Andy Rassler
  • Here Kitty, Kitty — By Mike Brannon
  • Star-Crossed Words — By Laura Arwood
  • Voices, Like Whispering — By Debra Kaufman
  • Hallovenge: Part XIX — By Larry Bliss
  • The Next Street Over — By Teddy Durgin
  • Oh, Darling Sister of Mine — By Shelley Stolaroff Segal
  • The Case of the Haunted Inheritance — By Andy Ralston-Asumendi
  • Picky Zombies — By Clinton Festa
  • A Different Drummer — By George Jack

Plays Turned into Podcasts

All radio plays are being released as pre-recorded audio podcasts, featuring local voice talent and fully-produced sound effects. The directors are collaborating with local sound designers to mix a unique soundscape for each play.

The NC Radio Play Festival marks the first major collaboration between the Greensboro Playwrights’ Forum and the Cary Playwrights’ Forum. The NC Radio Play Festival provides local playwrights the opportunity to experiment in audio theatre.

The radio-play format allows playwrights to tell stories beyond what is normally practical for stage productions, unrestricted in scope and limited only by imagination.

Listen Now, For Free!

All audio plays and series produced by the Cary Playwrights’ Forum are published to the CPF Radio Hour podcast website and will be available indefinitely.

The radio plays will be released in phases, premiering on October 10, October 17, October 24 and October 31. No ticket or fee is required to listen. We will post donation links so that you may continue to support new, local theatre. Suggested donation is $5.

Story from staff reports. Festival poster courtesy of The Cary Playwrights Forum.

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