Cary COVID Report – July 22

Cary, NC – This week saw a decline in new coronavirus cases in Wake County. Is this a pause or the beginning of a turnaround?

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Wake County Infection Rate

For the first time in 8 weeks, new coronavirus cases declined in Wake County, NC on a week-by-week basis. Is it a blip or a trend?

Data from Wake County. Visualization by CaryCitizen.

Across the USA – NC Holding Steady

New daily infections in North Carolina held steady or even trended slightly downward in the last week.


Across the South, North Carolina is the safest place to be right now, excepting only West Virginia. But cases continue to climb in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and elsewhere.

Some good news this week across the US – Arizona continues to drive down their infection rate. And, about twice as many states are presented as green compared to last week’s Cary COVID Report.



Commenters to our Cary COVID Report series have asked about testing. Johns Hopkins has a visualization that includes testing data and trends for all 50 states.

Here’s a composite showing a tale of two extremes: Louisiana, a hot spot, and Maine, with one lowest infection rates in the U.S.

North Carolina, somewhere in the middle, has been included as well.

Explore Testing Data at:

Around the World

This map shows average daily cases per 100,000 people in the last week.

source:… world/coronavirus-maps

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