Cary Public Art: A New Series

Cary, NC — We see them everywhere, yet we don’t know the stories behind them or the hands that made them.

Each piece of public art in Cary has it’s own unique story and we will be uncovering and sharing them straight from the source.

The Series

The Cary Public Art series, with the help of Cary’s Public Art Supervisor, Denise Dickens, will aim to shine a light on the unique tales and talents behind the art that Caryites walk and drive past daily. Ever wonder about the downtown benches? How about art dedicated to Cary’s historic figures? Can’t forget the abstract designs too and what about the art that’s in the works and not even made public yet?

We’ll be taking a deeper look into it all.

‘The Little Newsboy’ statue at Academy and Chatham is currently dressed up for the Cary Graduates Together event in downtown.

Tell Us Your Favorite Public Art in Cary

Cary is known by many for its advocacy for and commissions of public arts. In fact, there are more than 40 pieces to choose from for this series. That’s where I’d like our CaryCitizen readers to pitch into the fun. Leave a comment sharing what piece of public art you’re most curious about and we just might feature it soon.

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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  1. Jim Batterson
    Jim Batterson says:

    My favorite art is probably the silver horse in the garden behind the Page-Walker house.

    My least favorite is the burnt project now in Kay S’s park.

    I’m okay with most of the art. I really love about 10% of it, but I understand that other people like a different 10%, and my own taste changes over time. I’m okay with paying my taxes to buy art even if I don’t like it all.

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