Cary COVID Weekly Report – June 23

Cary, NC – This week in Wake County, COVID-19 infections increased again, but at a lesser rate than in the past two weeks.

Wake County: Infection Rate Continues to Rise

New cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Wake County continued to rise in the last week from 787 to 881.

Testing in North Carolina

Testing for Coronavirus in North Carolina was flat or declining.


Infection Rate in North Carolina

The infection rate in North Carolina (percentage of tests that come back positive for COVID) held steady at around 10%.


Infection Rates Across the U.S.

Infection rates vary widely across the United States.

In this chart from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, states in red are reporting rising infection rates and states in green show declining rates of COVID infections.

Infection Rates Across the World

Around the world, some nations have been successful in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, while others continue to see rising infection rates. Explore this chart more fully at Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Story from staff reports. Data from Wake County COVID-19, North Carolina Department of Health and  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.