Strawberry Farms Open for Business

Cary, NC — Strawberry picking season is here and these four local patches have safe options in place for shoppers to enjoy picking their own or taking a to-go batch of farm-fresh strawberries.

Phillips Farms

6701 Good Hope Church Road, Cary | (919)467-3004 | Hours Updated on Facebook

This year’s experience at Phillips Farms has been modified to meet the all COVID-19 guidelines from the NC Department of Agriculture. For this farm, this means solely providing their strawberries in a drive-up service with no U-Pick this year.

Farm owners said in a statement on Facebook, “While we are sad that so many have had their employment hurt by this pandemic, we are happy we can help even just a little bit by providing jobs at our farm. Thank you to everyone who has been coming to buy our strawberries this season — you’re contributing to helping employ many people.”

Customers can use the farm’s drive-up service to purchase pre-picked berries using cash or a credit card. A second option is to call the “strawberry line” at 919-467-3004 once you arrive. Berries are first come, first served and patrons can call to pay over the phone for contactless payment while at the farm for pick-up.

DJ’s Berry Patch & Farm

1223 Salem Church Road, Apex | 919-600-4020 | Monday-Saturday 8 AM- 7 PM, Sunday 11 AM- 7 PM

DJ’s is offering both pre-picked and u-pick strawberries this season with many restrictions in place to keep everyone safe and sanitary in the u-pick process. The following guidelines are set by the CDC and the North Carolina Director of Health for “U-Pick Farms”.

There will be required hand sanitizer usage before heading into the field and social distancing at all times. Clean buckets will be provided by a staff member and customers will be advised which area of the field to pick from. Once finished picking, it’s straight to the register and back in your car.

DJ’s is also offering pre-picked berries and other to-go treats including homemade ice cream, strawberry preserves and strawberry vinaigrette dressing. Check the farm’s Facebook page for updates and changes to hours.

Jean’s Berry Patch

38 Lewter Shop Road, Apex | 919-362-5800 | Hours Updated on Facebook

Jean’s Berry Patch is open for pre-picked produce only this season. In addition to pre-picked strawberries, they are offering pre-picked peaches, blueberries, watermelon and cantaloupe. It doesn’t hurt that you can also get homemade ice cream at this patch, too.

The preferred method here is to call ahead with your strawberry orders for curbside pick-up.

Buckwheat Farm

2700 Holland Road, Apex | 919-303-0339 | Mon-Sat 9 AM- 6 PM, Sundays 10 AM- 4PM

Buckwheat Farm is offering both pick-up and u-pick experiences. Similar to DJ’s, there are specific precautions in place.

Hand-washing will be required and customers must be 6 feet away from others during check-in. People are put on alternating rows, so there will be a row not being picked, between any two groups, giving a 10-foot space between groups. Picking containers will be provided and cash, check and credit are accepted.

Visit the farm’s online store to pre-pay for picking containers and choose a time slot for your trip. A drive-through option is also available for pre-picked strawberries and other goodies like jams and honey that can be found on the farm’s online store.

Strawberry Shortcake Anyone?

The strawberry season has just started up and will continue until the start of June. Once you get your local strawberries, head over to FoodCary to try out our recipe for Strawberry Shortcake.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos by Hal Goodtree.