A Kid’s Perspective of COVID-19

Cary, NC — In a time that has more than its fair share of opinions from adults, it is important that we also seek out the thoughts of our future leaders — the kids of Cary.

Clockwise from top left: Ethan, sibling Brooks and Veda, siblings Jacob, Ryan and Abigail, Hillary, Adyln, Sam, Kathleen and Amelia.

Note: Story and photos sourced from a Facebook query. Thanks to all parents who participated.

Here’s a Q&A-style look at what the COVID-19 pandemic looks like through the eyes of Cary’s youth.

Why are you not going to school every day?

Joseph, 2nd Grade

“Because they don’t want us to get sick.”

Kathleen, Age 9, 3rd Grade

“Because we should stay six feet apart so we don’t get coronavirus or COVID-19.”

Veda, Age 8, 2nd Grade

“Because I cannot go near people because of the virus.”

What is the Coronavirus?

Hillary, Age 8, 3rd Grade

“It’s a virus that is making people really sick all over the world and there are no medicines for it.”

Brooks, Age 5, Pre-K:

“It is a sickness that goes on for a very long time and I may not go back to school until kindergarten.”

Abigail, Age 9, 3rd Grade

“It’s hard for us to breathe. It affects our lungs and breathing system.”

What sorts of things have you been doing at home?

Adlyn, Age 6, 1st Grade

“Homeschooling and eating.”

Sam, Age 7, 1st Grade

“Boring things like stupid school, watching TV, playing video games, family walks, sidewalk chalk.”

Joseph, 2nd Grade

“Hugging my mom, doing schoolwork, playing with my mom, playing video games and walking the dog.”

Ryan, Age 8, 2nd Grade

“Playing on devices, playing outside, doing a puzzle.”

Do you miss school? Why or why not?

Jacob, Age 6, 1st Grade

“I don’t miss school because the school days are so long.”

Brooks, Age 5, Pre-K

“I do because I want to be in Kindergarten.”

Sam, Age 7, 1st Grade

“No, I don’t miss school, but I miss my friends.”

What do you want to say to your teachers?

Ethan, Age 5

“I love you.”

Veda, Age 8, 2nd Grade

“I miss you and home school is not very fun.”

Amelia, Age 9, 3rd grade

“I miss you. Post more online activities please.”

Kathleen, Age 9, 3rd Grade

“I hope you stay safe and thank you for teaching me.”

Story by Ashley Kairis.