#BeCary Photo Contest Ends Friday

Cary, NC — Since the launching of the #BeCary photo contest on March 27, our community has rallied together to share inspiring photos of what it means to “Be Cary” in these trying times. The best news? It’s not too late to share yours.

About the Contest

This contest is all about local pride and highlighting the positives that can be found in the last few weeks. We are wanting everyone in the community to enter a photo (or 2 or 3) that show what these positives look like in your life.

We’ve seen photos of Cary’s scenic beauty, stuffed animals in windows, encouraging notes on sidewalks, family activities and more unique showings of what it means to #BeCary. You have until 5 PM this Friday, April 10 to submit your #BeCary photo — read on for details of how to enter!

What You Could Win

The person with the best photo will be determined by 3 judges and will receive a reward that represents CaryCitizen; a hyper-local basket filled with more than $300 of prizes donated by local businesses.

The basket fillers include a free month of music lessons from Cary School of Rock, a 1-year STAR level membership to The Cary Theater, a t-shirt from Bond Brothers, an artisanal basket and coffee beans from Ten Thousand Villages, candles from City Garden Design, a gift card to Garden Supply Company and various others.

The crowned winner of the contest will also be named across all CaryCitizen social media platforms on Monday, April 13 and will be featured in a story on our site along with their masterful photo.

Rules & How to Enter

Get creative and take a photo that you think shows what it means to Be Cary.

Photos must:

  • Be taken in Cary
  • Not showcase anything illegal or that goes against the restrictions in place. This means no pictures on playgrounds because they are closed, no large group pictures, etc.

Please have fun, but above all else, be safe!

Post your photo on your personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and be sure to do the following to be considered to win:

  1. Tag @CaryCitizen

  2. Use both hashtags — #BeCary and #CaryCitizen

Feel free to take and submit up to 3 photos for this contest, but, the same entry rules above apply for each post. Any posts past 3 will not be entered into the contest.

What We’re Looking For

A mixture of staff photos and photos entered in the contest. Let’s see yours added to the mix!

To help get you on the right creative track, the three judges of this photo contest are looking for images that:

  • Show how you are coping with the pandemic in a positive way
  • Show fun and inspirational opportunities that remain possible for the community
  • Cary. The more of a Cary element in the photo, the better. We as a media company are “all Cary, all the time,” and it’s crucial we see that.
  • Creativity. Think outside the box, even if you’re just inside your house.

Story and featured image by Ashley Kairis. Basket photo by Lindsey Chester.