Virtual Passover 2020

Cary, NC — This year, Passover starts after sundown on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. For Jewish families accustomed to getting together for a Seder, here are some resources to continue the traditional family meal in the age of Coronavirus.

Virtual Seder

Passover takes place in the home, not a synagogue or temple. For families that want to celebrate together, virtual group chats can fill the gap this year.

Each of the platforms have different benefits and limitations, such as how many people can join or how long a chat can last. Find out which platform works best for everyone in your group and maybe try a test a couple of days in advance. For more tips, see Art of the Virtual Gathering: Passover 2020.

Make Your Own Matzoh

If you can’t get hold of matzoh, the unleavened bread that is necessary for a Seder, you could make your own. Here are a few recipes, but keep in mind that kosher for Passover matzoh must be cooked in 18 minutes or less.

Story from staff reports. Photo by Edsel Little.