Money Matters: Begin Investing While Young

Cary, NC — There’s a simple word that has profound implications for savings and investing: compounding.

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Money Matters: The Real Costs of Purchasing a Home

Cary, NC — Homeownership has several advantages over renting, including lower monthly payments, deductible mortgage interest, and the accumulation of equity. But there is a definite price to pay for these benefits, including the expenses we’ll break down here.

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Money Matters: Goals Beyond Retirement

Cary, NC — Retirement savings isn’t the only financial goal you might want to consider in a lifetime. There are other considerable milestones that you want to take into account as well. 

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Money Matters: Identity Theft and Taxes

Cary, NC — Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America affecting millions of unsuspecting individuals each year. A dishonest person who has your Social Security number can use it to obtain tax and other financial and personal information about you.

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Money Matters: When to Claim Social Security Benefits

Cary, NC — As folks near retirement, one of the fundamental questions that come up is when to begin taking Social Security benefits. Here are a few trade-offs and tips to consider before making that decision.

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Money Matters: Recognizing & Avoiding Online Scams

Cary, NC — Robo-calls and phishing emails are the tell-tale signs of many typical scamming attempts, but not all are easy to recognize.

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Money Matters: Practical & Eco-Friendly Tips to Saving Money

Cary, NC — Here are some easy ways to protect the environment and improve your budget at the same time.

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Money Matters: Distributions, Rollovers and Roth 401ks

Cary, NC — The Roth 401(k) incorporates features of both Roth IRAs and traditional 401(k) plans. This article looks at rules governing distributions and rollovers that are unique to Roth plans. Read more

Money Matters: Financial Planning for Women

Cary, NC — There are a few unique considerations for women in the financial planning world. Here’s a couple of them.

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