Loose Leaf Pickup Starts Next Week

Cary, NC — If you’re working in your yard this weekend, get ready to kick those leaves to the curb.

The Town of Cary begins its annual loose leaf collection on Monday, November 2. During the three-month collection period, there are three scheduled sweeps per street.

Get Your Personalized Schedule

In lieu of a mailed map and schedule this year, citizens can search their address and find leaf collection dates in the CaryCollects app, available in the Google and Apple app stores, or on the web at townofcary.org/collects.

Users can also set reminders and notifications for their weekly waste collection day, helping to avoid missed pickups. Once set, the alerts will also automatically include leaf collection dates.

Leaf Collection Guidelines

Loose leaves should be placed along the curb and out of the roadway on the first scheduled day of each collection period for your area. They should not be placed on or in storm drains, on water meters, sidewalks, sewer cleanouts or near mailboxes.

Other yard waste or debris such as sticks, grass clippings and rocks are not collected in the program and should be kept out of loose leaf piles. Leaves in reusable containers or brown paper bags can be set out as part of weekly yard waste collection throughout the year according to regular yard waste guidelines.

Crews may visit an area early in planning for the next route, and will return as scheduled to collect. After the collection period ends on January 31, 2021, the Town will perform leaf collections by request at no charge from February 1 to March 31, 2021.

Story by Town of Cary. Featured image by Ashley Kairis, raking photo by Dean Hochman.

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