Museum Without Walls Displays Cary Artworks

Cary, NC — Town facilities have remained closed since mid-March, as have local galleries and museums. So, the Town of Cary has put together a solution called, “Big Pictures: Museum Without Walls.”

Taking the Exhibition Outdoors

This wall-less museum is a large scale showcase of local artworks made up of large printed vinyl banners with the works of art and artist statements, designed to be hung along fencing. The outdoor gallery of local artistry is set to remain on display for 6 months.

The full collection will include a diverse group of works including photography, poetry, abstract and representational paintings as well as artist statements to accompany them. The exhibition is also rotating with more artworks and locations yet to be added to the project.

View the First Installation at Thomas Brooks Park

The first three banners were installed on August 31, 2020 at Thomas Brooks Park. The artworks include “Remember When,” an acrylic canvas painting by Russ Hughes, “Lady in Red” a photograph by Fran DeRespinis and a water marbling piece from artist Zeynep Guvenc.

The banners are attached to fencing surrounding one of the park’s baseball fields.

To keep up to date on Big Pictures and where you can find the latest installments, visit the Town of Cary website.

Story and photos by Ashley Kairis.

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