Cary COVID Report – August 5

Cary, NC – The past week saw a decrease in new cases of COVID-19 in Wake County, statewide and across the U.S.

Our Data Sources

We get our data from these trusted sources. They all have different ways of portraying the data to help you get a complete picture of the COVID pandemic of 2020.

Other sources noted as appropriate.

Wake County Infection Rate

New confirmed cases of COVID-19 fell by 23% last week in Wake County.  The 3-week trend on infections appears essentially flat.

Data from Wake County. Visualization by CaryCitizen.

North Carolina Continues Improvement

North Carolina new confirmed infections continues a two-week downward trend.


Source: Johns Hopkins.

Across the U.S. – Better News

As far new infections, the Johns Hopkins map of U.S. states is displaying mostly green for the first time in months. That means daily new infections are falling in most of the states in America.

Source: Johns Hopkins.

Questions Ahead

Going into the sixth month of the pandemic, can we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel? Will people feel it’s safe to resume normal life or will caution continue to prevail? How will school re-openings – particularly major universities here in the Triangle – impact coronavirus infection rates?

The month of August will likely point the way toward what kind of fall we can expect.

Story by staff reports.

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