Announcing: #BeCary Photo Contest Winner

Cary, NC — Following two full weeks of contest entries showcasing what it has meant to live out the phrase “Be Cary,” it is time to announce our winner.

First Place – Lisa Decker

Lisa Decker won over our judges with this photo of her window front art show for her neighbors. It shows the beauty that can be created out of a tough time while also boosting community spirit. By putting the artwork on display so that others may smile and find beauty along their walks in the neighborhood, Decker has captured a great example of just one way to #BeCary.

Honorable Mentions

While only one winner takes home the $300+ in prizes, these photographers also caught the eye of the judges.

Photographer: Lisa Englert

Caption: Using this time of social distancing and these warm spring days to reconnect with my garden. The return of this iconic symbol of Cary (albeit a pink variation) in my backyard always brings me joy.


Photographer: Rick Nelson

Caption: My wife and I were so excited to see our wedding colors on the fountain in downtown Cary.

Photographer: David B

Caption: Lounging in the yard or inspired on the greenway; it’s all good.


Photographer: Sujit Mahapatra

Caption: Family evening outing for relaxation. Post your pictures too!

Photographer: Jyotsna Dash Mahapatra

Caption: Gardening is fun when you stay home!

Thanks to All Who Entered

From the start, this was about much more than a prize basket and a few hashtags. It was always about seeing the positivity and community spirit that can shine through, even in the throes of a pandemic. Our readers stepped up and did just that and we encourage you all to keep sharing what it means to #BeCary.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photos by each respective photographer.