Cary Jazz Meetups Bring Together Local Musicians, Singers and Listeners

Cary, NC — A hidden gem of Cary’s music scene is a biweekly jam session at Corner Tavern and Grill in the Maynard Crossing shopping area. On these nights, local musicians and jazz lovers are encouraged to bring an instrument, their voice or just their ears to listen.

Meetups are on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, 7-9 PM, with a house rhythm band, usually made up of a pianist, a drummer and a bassist. The band prepares a “first four” setlist of songs for everyone to jam to and from there, any songs from the group’s master songs list are fair game to shout out.

The musical stylings of these jam sessions fall into the categories of standards, Latin, jazz, blues and even some “funky stuff”. The group is all about creating a relaxed environment and a judgment-free zone for all musicians and singers who come out to join.

The next Cary Jazz Jam will be a “Vibes Night” on Tuesday, Feb. 18 and will feature special guest Matt “Beech” Beechhold, a long-time drummer for Cary Jazz Jams.

The “First Four” setlist for next week will include:

Want to know more? See the group’s page or send them an RSVP that you’ll be there for their next jam sesh.

Story by Ashley Kairis. Photo by Jared H.